About Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation helps us to live in the moment

Mindfulness Meditation helps us to create the space to be where we are now. Most of us go through life on automatic pilot and we miss out on so many beautiful, inspiring moments. Mindfulness Meditation helps us become more aware, more present in all our moments, so we can choose to live fully in our lives.

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About Nicci

Nicci Del Rio has comprehensive experience with both personal and group development facilitating workshops and groups for Individuals; Schools; Charities – which include Mind, The Primrose Centre, Bromley Hospicare and various NHS Trusts.

Nicci’s background includes the study and exploration of meditation and related disciplines from psychology to metaphysics for over twenty years. Nicci continues to explore and expand her awareness in Mindfulness teacher training both in the UK and the USA.

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“Nicci helped me through the pain of the loss of a family member and an incredibly difficult and challenging emotional period on several fronts. Nicci’s therapeutic work and support most certainly enabled me to look at life afresh and I am now emotionally and physically in a place that I wouldn’t have once thought possible.” –C. G.

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